Chester County Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence

Honored to have the endorsement of the Chester County Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence:

Guns have become an issue in this election cycle, and there are courageous politicians unafraid to
stand up to the NRA. Here is one of them.....

Mary Ellen Balchunis will be a champion in Gun Violence Prevention

With Hillary Clinton atop the Democratic race for President openly making gun violence prevention a major plank in her election bid, there are more people running for office proud to take their "F" rating from the
NRA. One of those people is Mary Ellen Balchunis, who is running to replace Pat Meehan in the US 5th Congressional District. For many years, Republicans and Democrats alike have avoided the gun issue, cowering to the NRA and their deep war chest of money to target anyone who dares run openly on gun safety. Mary Ellen Balchunis has spent the last 16 years speaking on the gun violence issue, starting with the Million Mom March in Washington DC.
Pat Meehan, to his credit, has cosigned a strengthened background check bill in the House, and is for cracking down on illegal guns. However, Dr. Balchunis would go much farther, supporting Universal Background Checks for all gun sales, public and private, automatic loss of gun rights for Stalkers, expanding reporting of mentally ill to deny access to guns, required gun safety courses for gun owners, and mandatory gun locks being used in homes with children under the age of 18. While still a supporter of the 2nd amendment, her focus is to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous

In addition, she supports bringing back the assault weapons ban to outlaw semiautomatic weaponsand large capacity magazines that are at the root of many mass shootings like Aurora and Sandy Hook. Congressman Meehan does not support the assault weapons ban. We feel the gun violence prevention issue is not something Rep. Meehan has or would push. Dr. Balchunis is passionate about this issue, and would be a champion for our cause. For these reasons, the Chester County Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence proudly endorses Mary Ellen Balchunis for US Congress.

Tom Buglio
Chester County Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence